sell spark plugs.
earn rewards.

Project + Solution.

Autolite® partnered with E Group to create an easy-to-use, free online rewards program and app designed exclusively for NAPA Auto Parts store employees.

The Autolite® Rewards program awards NAPA Auto Parts store employees with points for Autolite® brand spark plug sales. The Autolite® Rewards catalog allows participants to redeem these points for cool stuff they want. From gift cards to merchandise, trips to event tickets, no one is disappointed with our huge selection of rewards. To put it simply, the more spark plugs they sell, the more rewards they earn. Win-win!

gauge your performance.

Autolite® is a thriving automotive parts manufacturer offering America's best-selling spark plugs, the right ignition products for your vehicle.

ignite engagement.

In a highly competitive market, E Group ignites Autolite® spark plug sales and channel engagement for Autolite®. We designed and managed a point-based incentive rewards program with flash promotions to drive national sales competitions in NAPA Auto Parts stores. Our integrated marketing communications: emails, digital banners, print collateral, and branded promotional product offerings expand Autolite's® presence into new distribution channels and product lines.

accelerate sales.