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The Hendrickson Foundation

The Hendrickson Foundation supports hockey programs for individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

our partnership.

Our partnership is built on the belief that hockey is for everyone. E Group is proud to be awarded an assist in introducing more children and adults with disabilities to the great physical and social benefits of hockey.

Project + Solution.

The Hendrickson Foundation wished to sell product and use personalized merchandise to market their cause, strengthening the bond between the Hendrickson Foundation and families in need.

E Group supplies the Hendrickson Foundation with custom branded merchandise for their two annual events, the Hendrickson Foundation Festival and a golf tournament fundraiser. E Group hand-selected and delivered hats, tailgate hoodies, coolers, and jersey blankets, in addition to designing a custom t-shirt, for the cause. At the 2018 Hendrickson Foundation Festival, they sold over $16,000 of merchandise in two days!


merchandise that looks good & does good.

" The business of the Hendrickson Foundation is focused on corporate sponsorship and awareness of hockey programs for those with disabilities. Not only is E Group a tremendous corporate sponsor, but the HF merchandise they've created has been a giant success and created mass awareness. E group creates awesome products that HF supporters are proud to wear. This grass roots marketing is a cornerstone for awareness for the Hendrickson Foundation. It takes a village! Thank you E Group! "
- Client